For a PDF of all 2024 Maccan Tidal Bore times, click here.

Please remember that the bore can happen up to 20 minutes earlier or later than the posted times! Bore heights may also vary. To learn more about the bore, click here.


DateAM BorePM BoreBore Height
July 17:22 am7:48 pmMed-High(2)
July 28:24 am8:47 pmMed-High(2)
July 39:24 am9:43 pmHigh(2)
July 410:19 am10:37 pmHigh(2)
July 511:11 am11:28 pmHigh(2)
July 612:00 pmHigh(2)
July 712:16 am12:47 pmHigh(2)
July 81:02 am1:31 pmLow
July 91:46 am2:15 pmLow
July 102:29 am 2:57 pmLow
July 113:12 am3:39 pmLow
July 123:56 am4:23 pmLow
July 134:42 am5:09 pmLow
July 145:31 am5:57 pmLow
July 156:24 am6:49 pmLow
July 167:19 am7:42 pmLow
July 178:15 am8:35 pmLow
July 189:09 am9:26 pmLow
July 199:59 am10:16 pmLow
July 2010:48 am11:04 pmLow
July 2111:34 am11:51 pmHigh(2)
July 2212:20 pmHigh(2)
July 2312:38 am1:07 pmHigh(2)
July 241:26 am1:55 pmHigh(2)
July 252:16 am2:44 pmHigh(2)
July 263:07 am3:35 pmHigh(2)
July 274:01 am4:29 pmHigh(2)
July 284:59 am5:26 pmHigh(2)
July 296:01 am6:28 pmLow
July 307:06 am7:31 pmLow
July 318:11 am8:34 pmLow

The Tidal Bore Times for the Maccan Tidal View Wetlands Park were generously prepared by Ken Adams (former Director/Curator, Fundy Geological Museum) using the methodology described by Gordon Boss, and the 2024 tidal predictions for Saint John, New Brunswick in the Canadian Tide and Current Tables, available from Fisheries and Oceans Canada which can be found online here:

Tidal bore times for Maccan can also be found at: