For a PDF of all 2021 Maccan Tidal Bore times, click here.

Please remember that the bore can happen up to 20 minutes earlier or later than the posted times! Bore heights may also vary. To learn more about the bore, click here.


DateAM BorePM BoreBore Height
June 14:15 am4:52 pmMedium
June 25:17 am5:54 pmMedium
June 36:20 am6:55 pmMedium
June 47:22 am7:51 pmMedium
June 58:19 am8:43 pmMedium
June 69:10 am9:29 pmMedium
June 79:57 am10:12 pmMedium
June 810:39 am10:51 pmMedium
June 911:18 am11:28 pmMedium
June 1011:55 amMedium
June 1112:05 am12:32 pmMedium
June 1212:42 am1:10 pmMedium
June 131:20 am1:49 pmMedium
June 142:00 am2:30 pmMedium
June 152:43 am3:14 pmMedium
June 163:29 am4:01 pmMedium
June 174:19 am4:51 pmMedium
June 185:13 am5:45 pmMedium
June 196:10 am6:41 pmMedium
June 207:09 am7:37 pmLow High
June 218:08 am8:34 pmLow High
June 229:07 am9:30 pmLow High
June 2310:03 am10:25 pmMedium High
June 2410:59 am11:19 pmHigh
June 2511:54 amHigh
June 2612:14 am12:48 pmHigh
June 271:08 am1:42 pmMedium High
June 282:02 am2:35 pmLow High
June 292:56 am3:29 pmLow High
June 303:51 am4:24 pmMedium


DateAM BorePM BoreBore Height
July 14:47 am5:19 pmMedium
July 25:45 am6:15 pmMedium
July 36:42 am7:09 pmMedium
July 47:38 am8:02 pmLow/Medium
July 58:32 am8:51 pmLow/Medium
July 69:21 am9:37 pmLow/Medium
July 710:07 am10:20 pmMedium
July 810:49 am11:01 pmMedium
July 911:30 am11:40 pmMedium
July 1012:09 pmMedium
July 1112:20 am12:47 pmMedium
July 1212:59 am1:27 pmMedium
July 131:40 am2:07 pmMedium
July 142:22 am2:50 pmLow High
July 153:07 am3:35 pmLow High
July 163:55 am4:23 pmMedium
July 174:46 am5:15 pmLow High
July 185:43 am6:12 pmLow High
July 196:44 am7:12 pmLow High
July 207:47 am8:13 pmLow High
July 218:50 am9:14 pmMedium High
July 229:50 am10:12 pmLow High
July 2310:47 am11:08 pmMedium High
July 2411:41 amLow High
July 2512:01 am12:33 pmMedium High
July 2612:53 am1:23 pmMedium High
July 271:43 am2:12 pmLow High
July 282:32 am3:00 pmLow High
July 293:21 am3:49 pmMedium
July 304:12 am4:38 pmMedium
July 315:04 am5:30 pmMedium


DateAM BorePM BoreBore Height
August 15:58 am6:23 pmLow
August 26:53 am7:16 pmLow/Medium
August 37:49 am8:10 pmLow/Medium
August 48:43 am9:01 pmLow/Medium
August 59:33 am9:49 pmLow/Medium
August 610:20 am10:34 pmLow/Medium
August 711:02 am11:16 pmMedium
August 811:42 am11:56 pmLow High
August 912:21 pmLow High
August 1012:36 am1:00 pmLow High
August 111:16 am1:40 pmLow High
August 121:58 am2:22 pmLow High
August 132:43 am3:07 pmLow High
August 143:31 am3:56 pmLow High
August 154:24 am4:50 pmLow High
August 165:22 am5:50 pmMedium
August 176:27 am6:55 pmMedium
August 187:35 am8:02 pmLow High
August 198:41 am9:06 pmLow High
August 209:42 am10:05 pmLow High
August 2110:37 am10:58 pmLow High
August 2211:28 am11:48 pmLow High
August 2312:15 pmLow High
August 2412:35 am1:00 pmLow High
August 251:21 am1:44 pmLow High
August 262:05 am2:27 pmLow High
August 272:49 am3:10 pmMedium
August 283:33 am3:54 pmLow/Medium
August 294:20 am4:42 pmLow/Medium
August 305:11 am5:34 pmLow
August 316:07 am6:30 pmLow


DateAM BorePM BoreBore Height
September 17:06 am7:28 pmLow
September 28:05 am8:25 pmLow/Medium
September 38:59 am9:17 pmLow/Medium
September 49:48 am10:04 pmMedium
September 510:31 am10:47 pmMedium
September 611:11 am11:28 pmLow High
September 711:50 amLow High
September 812:08 am12:29 pmMedium High
September 912:49 am1:10 pmHIGH
September 101:33 am1:54 pmHIGH
September 112:19 am2:42 pmLow High
September 123:10 am3:33 pmLow High
September 134:05 am4:30 pmLow High
September 145:07 am5:35 pmMedium
September 156:16 am6:45 pmMedium
September 167:27 am7:55 pmMedium
September 178:34 am8:59 pmMedium
September 189:33 am9:56 pmMedium
September 1910:25 am10:46 pmLow High
September 2011:11 am11:32 pmLow High
September 2111:54 amLow High
September 2212:15 am12:34 pmLow High
September 2312:56 am1:13 pmLow High
September 241:35 am1:51 pmMedium
September 252:14 am2:30 pmMedium
September 262:55 am3:11 pmMedium
September 273:39 am3:56 pmLow/Medium
September 284:27 am4:47 pmLow
September 295:23 am5:44 pmLow
September 306:24 am6:45 pmLow


DateAM BorePM BoreBore Height
October 17:24 am7:45 pmLow
October 28:20 am8:40 pmLow/Medium
October 39:10 am9:29 pmMedium
October 49:54 am10:13 pmMedium
October 510:35 am10:56 pmLow High
October 611:16 am11:38 pmHIGH
October 711:58 amHIGH
October 812:22 am12:42 pmHIGH
October 91:09 am1:29 pmHIGH
October 101:58 am2:19 pmHIGH
October 112:52 am3:14 pmLow High
October 123:50 am4:15 pmMedium
October 134:55 am5:22 pmMedium
October 146:06 am6:35 pmMedium
October 157:17 am7:45 pmMedium
October 168:21 am8:47 pmMedium
October 179:18 am9:42 pmMedium
October 1810:07 am10:30 pmLow High
October 1910:50 am11:13 pmLow High
October 2011:29 am11:52 pmLow High
October 2112:06 pmLow High
October 2212:30 am12:42 pmMedium
October 231:06 am1:18 pmMedium
October 241:43 am1:55 pmMedium
October 252:21 am2:34 pmMedium
October 263:03 am3:17 pmLow/Medium
October 273:49 am4:05 pmLow
October 284:42 am5:00 pmLow
October 295:40 am6:00 pmLow
October 306:39 am7:01 pmLow
October 317:36 am7:58 pmLow/Medium

The 2021 Tidal Bore Times for the Maccan Tidal View Wetlands Park were generously prepared by Ken Adams (former Director/Curator, Fundy Geological Museum) using the methodology described by Gordon Boss, and the 2020 tidal predictions for Saint John, New Brunswick in the Canadian Tide and Current Tables, available from Fisheries and Oceans Canada which can be found online here:

Tidal bore times for Maccan can also be found at: