For a PDF of all 2023 Maccan Tidal Bore times, click here.

Please remember that the bore can happen up to 20 minutes earlier or later than the posted times! Bore heights may also vary. To learn more about the bore, click here.


DateAM BorePM BoreBore Height
August 111:02 am11:23 pmHigh(2-3)
August 211:55 amHigh(2-3)
August 312:16 am12:47 pmHigh(2)
August 41:09 am1:39 pmHigh(3)
August 52:02 am2:31 pmHigh(2-3)
August 62:56 am3:24 pmHigh(2-3)
August 73:52 am4:19 pmHigh (2)
August 84:50 am5:16 pmLow
August 95:51 am6:17 pmLow
August 106:54 am7:18 pmLow
August 117:56 am8:19 pmLow
August 128:56 am9:15 pmLow
August 139:49 am10:06 pmLow
August 1410:38 am10:51 pmLow
August 1511:20 am11:34 pmLow
August 1611:59 amLow
August 1712:11 am12:34 pmLow
August 1812:46 am1:07 pmLow
August 191:20 am1:39 pmLow
August 201:54 am2:13 pmLow
August 212:29 am2:48 pmLow
August 223:07 am3:27 pmLow
August 233:50 am4:12 pmLow
August 244:39 am5:03 pmLow
August 255:37 am6:03 pmLow
August 266:42 am7:08 pmMed/High(2)
August 277:49 am8:14 pmHigh(2-3)
August 288:52 am9:16 pmHigh(3)
August 299:50 am10:12 pmHigh(3)
August 3010:43 am11:05 pmHigh(3)
August 3111:34 am11:57 pmHigh(2)


DateAM BorePM BoreBore Height
September 112:24 pmHigh(3)
September 212:48 am1:14 pmHigh(3)
September 31:39 am2:04 pmHigh(3)
September 42:31 am2:54 pmHigh(2)
September 53:25 am3:47 pmHigh(2)
September 64:21 am4:44 pmLow
September 75:21 am5:45 pmLow
September 86:24 am6:49 pmLow
September 97:29 am7:53 pmLow
September 108:30 am8:51 pmLow
September 119:24 am9:42 pmLow
September 1210:11 am10:27 pmLow
September 1310:52 am11:07 pmLow
September 1411:28 am11:42 pmLow
September 1512:00 pmLow
September 1612:15 am12:02 pmLow
September 1712:48 am1:03 pmLow
September 181:21 am1:36 pmLow
September 191:56 am2:12 pmLow
September 202:35 am2:52 pmLow
September 213:19 am3:39 pmLow
September 224:11 am4:34 pmLow
September 235:12 am5:39 pmLow
September 246:21 am6:49 pmLow
September 257:30 am7:57 pmLow
September 268:33 am8:58 pmMed/High(2)
September 279:30 am9:54 pmHigh(2-3)
September 2810:22 am10:47 pmHigh(3)
September 2911:11 am11:37 pmHigh(3)
September 3011:59 amHigh(3)
11:34 am11:57 pmHigh(2)

The Tidal Bore Times for the Maccan Tidal View Wetlands Park were generously prepared by Ken Adams (former Director/Curator, Fundy Geological Museum) using the methodology described by Gordon Boss, and the 2023 tidal predictions for Saint John, New Brunswick in the Canadian Tide and Current Tables, available from Fisheries and Oceans Canada which can be found online here:

Tidal bore times for Maccan can also be found at: