See the Maccan Tidal Bore

Visit the Park

Tucked away in the rural village of Maccan, Nova Scotia, the Maccan Tidal Wetlands Park offers spectacular views of the tidal bore in the ever-changing Maccan River. Find the Park at Route 242 (Off Highway 302), just after the railroad tracks.

At the Park
Incredible views

See the marshes and the Maccan River.

Walking trails

Go for a stroll along the trails.

See the bore

See the phenomenon up close.

What to expect
Maccan Tidal Wetlands Park
Watch the right

The bore comes in from the right around the curve and past the park.

Maccan Tidal Wetlands Park
Times may vary

The bore can happen up to 20 minutes earlier or later than the posted times.

Maccan Tidal Wetlands Park
Stay for 30 minutes

The heavy rush of water that occurs up to 30 minutes after the bore is great to watch.